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Solutions for retail merchants

GB TaxFree provides a secure, efficient and cost-effective Tax refund service for Merchants.


Security & cost-efficiency, it all adds up

GB TaxFree provides Merchants with a secure, efficient and cost-effective Tax refund service. Applying our technology in-store provides you with the following significant benefits.

A totally free Tax refund service with:

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Card machine


Solutions for Merchants

By working with GB TaxFree you will benefit from a range of solutions to suit your requirements whilst providing you with additional value added services and revenue streams.

All-in-one solutions

Integrating Credit Card acceptance with Tax Free Shopping (TFS) and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is just the start of the solution. If you’re a merchant that has non-EU shoppers, then these services are there to compliment the shopping experience. DCC entitles the cardholder to pay in their card currency without any further charges or conversions; what they see is what they pay. The terminal automatically identifies the card and currency and offers the customer the choice to pay in sterling or their card currency. As a user of the terminal you can access all your transactions through Mercury, Fexco’s online transaction reporting tool.

The terminal also checks the eligibility of the card for TFS and prompts the cashier to produce a form via the terminal. With a range of refund tables to either maximise the return to the customer or the merchant, the terminal has full TFS reporting capability and is quick and easy to use.

This solution is available in a number of different formats to suit your operational requirements

  • Desktop over PSTN (telephone line)
  • Desktop over IP
  • Mobile over Bluetooth
  • Mobile over GPRS


Solutions for Merchants

Working with our partners we can offer integrated TFS services. Integrating TFS into your point of sale (POS) system can be an effective way of maximising your Tax Free Shopping potential. It can also make the issuing process easier for your staff. Integration ensures, however you pay, cash or card, you are able to receive a TFS refund quickly and easily.

With all of our solutions we provide prepaid return envelopes, back up form pads and point of sale marketing material.

Point of sale solutions
Card Reader


A simple but effective way to produce Tax Free Shopping forms at point of sale. Requiring a power point and access to a telephone line or internet connection, this solution alleviates the manual hand writing process and produces a form in less than 30 seconds.

The terminal also provides integrated reporting on issued form numbers.


Solutions for Merchants

As an agent of HMRC we can provide Tax refund forms which can be used instead of HMRC 407 forms enabling the non-EU customer to be able to claim their Tax refund on departure from the EU.

The form is quick and simple to complete and the customer can claim cash back at most airports.

Refund Pad


GB TaxFree can offer advice and guidance on the best advertising and communication channels, ensuring your brand is effectively marketed to the Tax Free Shopping audience. We can help to target specific non-EU nationality groups with strategically designed promotions and marketing.

Our aim is to reach potential customers at their point of departure, in-flight, at hotel check-in and in-store as well as online, using a range of marketing collateral including advertising in tourist magazines, city and hotel maps, our bespoke Tax Free shopping brochure, multi-lingual POS leaflet, GB TaxFree website and brand directory.

Merchant POS Leaflets

Online Advertising

Targeted Chinese Magazine Advertising

Tax Free Shopping Guide

Direct Advertising to Bespoke 5* London Hotels

Direct Advertising to Bespoke 5* London Hotels

Merchant Event Invitation

Merchant Event Invitation

Merchant Training


GB TaxFree offer all Merchants an initial comprehensive Tax Free Shopping training programme at the point of installation. We also provide ongoing refresher Tax Free Shopping training, as and when our Merchants and their staff require it.

Our training programme equips all staff with the confidence to issue Tax refund forms easily.

The training guide covers all important topics including; introducing the Tax refund service to non-EU tourists/shoppers, using Tax Free Shopping as a sales tool to quickly and efficiently issue the forms, and, most importantly, enabling staff to answer frequently asked questions by the Tax Free Shopper effectively.

GB TaxFree also offer cultural training, specifically Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Other cultural training is available on request. The programme provides an overview of each culture, how to overcome language barriers and information on their buying habits. Each course is tailored to the merchant’s specific requirements.


This is a customised service for the Merchant and Tax Free Shopper as we appreciate everyone’s needs are different.

The service can include:

  • Meeting your customer at the Airport.
  • Locating customs and getting your Tax Free Shopping form stamped.
  • Help in obtaining the cash refund in the currency of your choice.
  • Getting to your departure gate.
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