Charles F. Hilditch and W. Graham Key, two shirt makers trained at the renowned Harman’s of Duke Street, came together to establish their own business on Tottenham Court Road. Hilditch & Key quickly established a reputation amongst the best-dressed Londoners.

In 1907 they were able to mark their status as fashionable shirt makers with the opening of a store in the Rue De Rivoli in Paris. By the early 20th Century a mark of Hilditch & Key’s success was the move to Jermyn Street, a coveted destination for shirt makers and gentlemen’s accessories.

Hilditch & Key shirts and accessories. For men with an effortless sense of style. For those who appreciate classic design and craftsmanship, but wear it with a creative, contemporary flourish.

73 Jermyn Street,
St James’s,
London SW1Y 6NP
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+44 (0) 207 930 5336

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